“Start Smart - Keep it Simple - Make it Real”

Appraisal Services

Our service providers seek to first understand the full context of your business and then work with you to create a realistic process improvement path forward. We will help in setting realistic goals and sub-goals based on your reality, taking into account all the typical variables that organizations face including: size, organizational structure, products and services provided, disciplines involved, customer types, technology and platforms, etc.

Process improvement is not about writing a massive library of documented processes that typically become ignored by the very organization they were written for. Our service providers will provide assistance in finding the right amount of process guidance needed within your organization, that will actually be helpful to those that must follow the process.

Experience has shown that writing processes is a very small part of any process improvement program. The real key to success is having the processes successfully implemented and adopted by the personnel that will be performing them. Our service providers will work with you to develop a realistic organizational change management strategy and tactical plan that will not only accelerate maturity, but will make a positive and real impact on the personnel expected to adopt the new (or improved) processes.